Old telephone, camera, notebook and pen on desk. New laptop, smart phone, tablet, and camera on desk.

The 10-Year Challenge

The most recent social media trend has been the 10-year challenge, when an individual posts a picture on a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter, and compares a picture of themselves from 2009 to 2019. Which typically sparks a conversation between followers and friends of how so much has changed within the 10-year time span.  

2009 to today has brought many changes in most of our personal and day to day lives. Let’s think back to 2009 and see what technologies were being used or just beginning. Uber was just getting started since it was founded in 2009. Apple released the iPhone 3GS, Airbnb was only around for a year, Lyft, Instagram, Uber Eats, Postmates, Doordash all haven’t even been founded yet. Nor have most companies that have been integrated into most of our lives or are at least accessible with a few taps on our phones. 

Now, lets think about your professional career. Has a lot changed from a stand point of the systems or applications that you use at your job from 2009? Or are you still stuck using the same antiquated system because “That is how we have always done it” or because “It still works…”. Still using Access database that was designed over 10 years ago by someone who has left the company or might retire soon? Still just tracking information in spreadsheets on file directories with no history or what changes have been made? Still using a homegrown system that hasn’t been updated in years? Unfortunately, businesses don’t seem to move as fast and have a harder time keeping up. A few big-name corporations have been making a big splash in the space, but still businesses are slow moving and don’t adapt, even though they are probably well over due. 

I see this all to often when working with customers in the healthcare payer space. Departments using old school access databases to track and manage their Appeals and Grievances process. Using homegrown applications that are not adaptable to an ever-changing and ever-growing environment. Using spreadsheets to manage Commercial A&G plans with no history of the changes being made. Businesses need to re-evaluate the tools being used to manage this data and processes and step into the current day and level 2009 in the past.