Meet the Kiriworks Team

To build a great tech company with a thriving culture you have to search out a team of creative, forward-thinking, do-whatever-it-takes people. The Kiriworks team is a diverse group with the experience and the creativity that continually elevates our organization.

Each member of our team brings their own unique dynamic to their department and holds themselves accountable for exceptional project results. Kiriworks has been proud to experience year over year growth as well as winning numerous awards and honors from industry organizations and thought leaders. These successes speak volumes about our culture, our people and our future. Managers who are invested, employees who are empowered and results that speak for themselves.


Angie Adams

Director of Professional Services
Nate Anderson headshot

Nate Anderson

Manager of Customer Support

Geoff Barber

Project Manager

Michelle Bender

Senior Solution Consultant
Bill Buerger headshot

Bill Buerger

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Butt

Principal Consultant

Richard Chamberlin

Principal Consultant
Darrell Cochran headshot

Darrell Cochran

Support Analyst

Karen Doering

Director of Human Resources

Clinton Eyong

Growth Strategist

Julie Fogel

Director of Marketing
Bob Fortner headshot

Bob Fortner

Sales Enablement Manager

Sean Foster

Support Analyst
Pat Goetz headshot

Pat Goetz

Senior Account Executive

Antoinette Harrell

Senior Project Manager

Kendy Heskett

Senior Support Analyst
Lorri Howski headshot

Lorri Howski

VP of Finance
Sam Kaleka headshot

Sam Kaleka

Support Analyst

Shannon Keating

Principal Consultant
Dan Krahn headshot

Dan Krahn

Manager of Hardware Services

Brent Kubik

Senior Account Executive
Michale Hornsby headshot

River McNeal

Senior Solution Consultant

Bryan Noller

Account Executive
Mat Palmen headshot

Mat Palmen

Solution Consultant
Katie Panzica headshot

Katie Panzica

Account Executive

Jim Pastrick

Senior Solution Consultant
Matt Pope headshot

Matt Pope

Senior Product Engineer
Taylor Price headshot

Taylor Price

Support Analyst
Ben Puibello headshot

Ben Puibello

Senior Solution Consultant
Ryan Saunderson headshot

Ryan Saunderson

Technical Architect
Michelle Scheider

Michelle Schneider

Senior Solution Consultant
Keri Schultz headshot

Keri Schultz

Project Manager
Dan Smith headshot

Dan Smith

Senior Sales Engineer

Matt Soroczak

Senior Solution Consultant
Jon Swisher headshot

Jon Swisher

VP of Sales & Product
Zach Tabor headshot

Zach Tabor

Manager of Product Development
Ian Wayton headshot

Ian Wayton

Senior Solution Consultant

Riley Weist

IT Systems Administrator
Greg Wheeler headshot

Greg Wheeler

Chief Technology & Information Security Officer
Earl Williams headshot

Earl Williams

VP of Professional Services
Eric Willis headshot

Eric Willis

President & Chief Commercial Officer
Christina Ziegler headshot

Christina Ziegler

Solution Consultant