Staffing Services

When you have an active project that needs to be completed on time but you’re team is lacking the bandwidth, staff augmentation can be the best option. With Kiriworks staffing services, you can bring qualified engineers in-house to work side-by-side with your full-time employees, keeping projects moving forward and being completed by fully trained experts. Kiriworks provides experienced OnBase experts to fill temporary vacancies or supplement your existing staff for specific projects or initiatives.

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Why Staffing Services?

Partnering with Kiriworks goes far beyond the benefits you’d get from hiring an independent consultant. Your investment in Kiriworks not only includes access to additional resources but our team has the most current OnBase training - training that’s not available to outside, independent consultants. Get the most for your dollar and invest in a partner that is accountable for their work and has an entire network of OnBase experts supporting them.

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  • Advantages
    • Access to resources not available to independent consultants or freelancers
    • A focus on your complete system health, not just trouble-shooting a single problem
    • Keep projects moving forward & being completed by experienced OnBase experts
    • Reduce costs associated with hiring, onboarding & training
    • Flexible arrangements and contract commitments
    • Access to professionals with specialized skillsets
    • Accountability
  • Benefits
    • Trained, certified & experienced professionals with the support of an entire team of qualified experts
    • Our team has access to all OnBase training, product specialists & the entire Hyland Software Network
    • Increased flexibility & the ability to provide services remotely or onsite
    • Our focus is to assist you in supporting, expanding & evolving your OnBase solution – on your timeline
    • Our team follows best practices & utilizes  the most up-to-date methods to maintain you OnBase environment – improving user experiences
    • 115 + years of OnBase experience
    • 40+ OnBase certifications
    • 20+ additional certifications
“Kiriworks understands that the implementation and support of your solution is critical to your success. We only hire and train the most capable analysts and consultants and surround them with a team of knowledgeable experts. We pride ourselves on taking ownership of tough problems and finding smart solutions for every customer.”
Greg Wheeler, CTO and CISO, Kiriworks, LLC