Managed Services

Managed Services is perfect for clients looking to avoid the hassle of learning, monitoring and maintaining their systems. We’re ready to take on the challenge of being your OnBase System Administrator. We’ve seen hundreds of solutions and have extensive training in the best methods and strategies to monitor and manage your system health. This full-service option frees up your staff from training and management obligations and puts the health of the system directly in the hands of experts.

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Why Managed Services?

We've all been there. You've got one OnBase system administrator and they have decided to take a new position. Or you've got a killer employee who has a ton of potential for higher-value projects but you lack the resources to promote them and have someone else take over their administrative duties. Now what? Whether you're looking to supplement your current team, reallocate staff to other projects or you just don't want the hassle or cost of training, we're here for you. Kiriworks Managed Services is a great option for those companies who would prefer to hand over the administration of their system to a team of experienced professionals who are equipped to deal with issues and can proactively keep your system in peak form.

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  • Advantages
    • Offload OnBase issues to a trained team of OnBase troubleshooters
    • Take low-value tasks from high-value employees
    • Provides predictable costs, low capital outlay
    • Mitigates risk associated with staff turnover
    • Reduces/eliminates cost of training
    • Flexibility to “take that vacation”- your system is in good hands!
  • Benefits
    • End users submit tickets – we take care of them
    • Our team works directly with your IT teams
    • Proactive monitoring
    • Tailored support to your specific solution
    • Monthly system checks including: storage checks, cleanup & reports
“Kiriworks understands that the implementation and support of your solution is critical to your success. We only hire and train the most capable analysts and consultants and surround them with a team of knowledgeable experts. We pride ourselves on taking ownership of tough problems and finding smart solutions for every customer.”
Greg Wheeler, CTO and CISO, Kiriworks, LLC