Support Services

Kiriworks Support Services is the perfect choice for clients that are looking to maximize the investment in their system. Our dedicated support team will provide system assistance and escalate urgent issues. We periodically evaluate system health and provide the training and tools your team needs to stay knowledgeable and keep your system running smoothly. More contact with the Kiriworks Customer Care Team means your team will learn new things faster, master new topics and get answers quickly. Being proactive with a comprehensive support package is a predictable expense that will minimize your risk and reduce downtime of your critical software system.

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Why Support Services?

Kiriworks Support Services is a robust support offering designed to compliment and assist your in-house IT team. Increased contact with the Kiriworks Customer Care Team provides your team with the opportunity to get exposed to new topics, have another set of eyes on important challenges, and troubleshoot quickly. We will also periodically evaluate your system health and provide the training and tools your team needs to follow best practices and keep your system running predictably.

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  • Advantages
    • Predictable Expense: Controls IT costs
    • Embrace collaboration with Kiriworks
    • Implement strategic changes faster
    • Faster resolutions increases efficiency
    • Learn from our trained, certified and experienced team
    • Take advantage of guided discussion opportunities
    • Maximize use of OnBase system
    • Highest utilization of staff resources
  • Benefits
    • Faster SLA – 4 hour email / 1 hour phone
    • Phone Support/Remote Sessions for no charge
    • Initial Troubleshooting of customizations is included
    • Afterhours Work at standard professional services rates
    • Annual Health Checks at no additional charge
    • Unlimited Support – no barriers to unlimited support when you need it
“Kiriworks understands that the implementation and support of your solution is critical to your success. We only hire and train the most capable analysts and consultants and surround them with a team of knowledgeable experts. We pride ourselves on taking ownership of tough problems and finding smart solutions for every customer.”
Greg Wheeler, VP of Customer Support & CISO, Kiriworks, Inc.