Accounts Receivable

Even though the Accounts Receivable (AR) department is a critical area of the business they are often overlooked when organizations are evaluating process improvement and identifying cost saving opportunities. OnBase improves process management and tracking, enabling managers to quickly identify bottlenecks and areas to maximize resources. Eliminating the paper and streamlining processes allow organizations to lower day sales outstanding (DSO) and accelerate cash flow cycles. Automation also enables employees who are currently allocated to manual, time-intensive data entry to be reallocated to higher value projects.

Order to cash processing

Sales Order Processing

When customer satisfaction is your number one priority, you depend on efficient and accurate sales processes. But when your order processing is manual and paper-based, you risk inaccurate data entry and a slow
sales cycle. OnBase speeds sales order processing by immediately capturing all incoming order documents and extracting order information. Documents and data are stored, posted to the ERP and routed to
appropriate staff.

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ERP integration

ERP Integration

Most AR departments are utilizing an ERP or accounting system to help with cash flow management, but they usually aren't designed to handle data and documents together. Integrating OnBase with your ERP allows you to connect your data and documents, improving transparency and access to data. With a flexible content services platform like OnBase, AR staff can now stay in their familiar ERP applications and easily access documents related to that specific transaction or account.

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Digital mailroom

Digital Mailroom

How long does it take to get critical content from the mailroom to a knowledge worker? What if you could scan paper documents as they arrive into the mailroom without having to sort and organize into batches? Digital Mailroom solutions from Kiriworks automatically classify documents and extract critical information for processing. Now, payments are electronically received minutes from when they arrived in the mail.

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Collection management

Collections Management

Collections plays a critical role in your organizations financial health. Increasing work loads, limited resources and manual processes create expensive, inefficient collection departments. So how do you address the rising costs, improve resource utilization and increase overall process efficiency? Case Management solutions from Kiriworks provide the tools to manage all of the activity around collections or disputes in a single location. From activity logs, to agency reports and legal correspondence all of your documentation and information is at your fingertips thus providing transparency into the entire collections process. Identify bottlenecks, evenly distribute workloads and reduce the opportunity for errors with OnBase.

“The transition from paper based business processes to automated content management business processes with OnBase has allowed CSI to meet and in most cases exceed in satisfying the ever increasing regulatory requirements from our Clients and government entities while providing a good return on investment and keeping headcount static.”
Mont Little, CIO, Client Services