Healthcare Payers: New Update Helps Boost Efficiency, Lower Operational Costs


Healthcare payers are navigating a fast-changing environment driven by rapid transformation and digital acceleration. What worked a few years ago no longer stands up to the complex demands that require faster and more efficient workflows. Payers need the ability to collaborate, automate, and do so at scale.

The contracting process is complex, and it’s difficult to track and prioritize work efficiently with a manual approach. Potential delays and slowdowns occur as one department waits on another to perform critical tasks.

The ability to collaborate and automate workflows helps payers reduce the risk of errors and creates seamless collaboration between teams. Kiriworks makes this possible through its Network Development and Contracting services, and a brand-new update enhances that functionality even further.

Productivity breakdowns, inefficiencies, and network gaps

If you struggle with productivity challenges or operations that could run smoother, you aren’t alone. Unfortunately, these challenges affect many healthcare payers, but the good news is that, with the right tools, they no longer need to affect your organization.

Kiriworks Network Development and Contracting automates and tracks processes from recruitment to contract execution, creating more efficient and productive operations. With an integrated and automated workflow and digital content management, streamlined workflows include:

Electronic signatures. Healthcare payers access a fast and convenient way to execute contracts to finalize them faster.

A library of templates. Templates create plug-and-play efficiency to ensure that the next correct step is followed when executing contracts.

Visibility and insights. A dashboard provides complete visibility into contracts to understand their status in real time.

The Network Development and Contracting solution is designed to help you prioritize gaps in your network, avoid contract delays, and serve your members more effectively. However, with market conditions constantly changing, Kiriworks recently updated the service to make it even easier to use.

A quick rundown of the newest features

The people who use the technology are critical to operational efficiency. That’s why we constantly gather feedback to improve the user experience. A few of the newest features include:

Web client capability. You can now access the Network Development and Contracting solution directly through a browser. Simply launch your favorite browser, select your bookmarked Network Development and Contracting URL, and get to work networking, contracting, and managing providers.

Provider data management. Do you need a provider data management tool or already have one that an end user needs to access during the contracting process? If so, the update now includes this functionality. Manage providers directly from the application or bring in providers from your current source of truth. This allows customers to manage contracts and providers all from a single repository.

Amendments and addendums. You can now modify current contracts within the platform to add new amendments or addendums. Simply generate the contract for signature and include all original documents.

Additionally, you can share contracts and documents directly with the signer through ShareBase and leverage electronic signatures with DocuSign. Send out pre-built notifications or create your own messaging with a brand-new notification builder. Plus, you can administer the solution without involving IT with a new administration view.