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Will your scanner work when you upgrade your PC?

Support for Windows XP will end on April 8th 2014.

If you have an older scanner that is connected to a PC running XP, you may not be aware that your scanner will not work and/or be supported with Windows 7 or Windows 8. If your scanner is connected to the PC via SCSI (a thicker cable running from the scanner that connects to a card installed in the PC), your current configuration will not work with any 64-bit operating system.

Some models of scanners have both a SCSI and a USB connection that can be used, while others only have SCSI. If your scanner has both and you are currently using SCSI, you may be able to convert to USB, however additional software may be required. If your scanner has a USB connection it doesn’t guarantee that it will work or be supported on newer version of Windows, as scanner manufactures are not updating drivers for older discontinued models.

Here are a few examples of scanner models that will not work and/or are not supported on Windows 7.

  • Bowe Bell & Howell branded scanners including: Copiscan’s, Spectrum’s, SpectrumXF’s, Truper’s and Sidekick’s
  • Fujitsu Models that start with M or fi-4xxx (except for the fi-4340C* & fi-4860C2)
    Some older fi-4340C scanners do not have a USB connection
  • Kodak 35xx and i8xx Models
  • Canon: DR-3080C, DR-3080C2, DR-5020, DR-5080C, DR-7080C
  • Panasonic: KV-S2055x, KV-S2025C, KV-S2065x, KV-S60xxx

If you have one of these or are not sure if your scanner is compatible with current operating systems, contact Dan Krahn at 800-242-1777 or [email protected] or your Account Manager.