Doctors planking on an operating table

WHAT’S TRENDING, or shouldn’t be trending…

Some trends come and go and then come back.  We have seen it time and time again.  My parents always tell me, “oh yeah we used to wear that back in the day!” Well here are some trends that I wish would just stop trending:

  1. Instagram – I get it, you like taking weird pictures of your food or pets, but let’s be more creative with the photos we take.  I have seen fried eggs and cats with sunglasses on many occasions…find a unicorn and then I will be impressed.
  2. Ombre Hair – Let’s face it, this is just a trend that allows women to be ok with their really bad roots!
  3. Hypercolor T-shirts – I am sure this will make a comeback at some point.  If it does, will you buy one again?
  4. Shake Weight – Really?!   Just lift real weights!
  5. Snuggies – Sure I own 2 of these.  One for Ohio State and one for the Browns, but these things can be dangerous.  Have you ever taken a nap with one of these and when you wake up you find yourself fighting the couch because you feel like you are pinned to the cushions…it’s like a nightmare coming true…scary.
  6. Planking – I will never understand this…

But what about the trends that are worth exploring and can enhance your work day?  These trends are ones you need to jump on board with.  For instance:

Going MOBILE – Being able to manage and access data and documents anywhere, anytime offers incredible value to any company. Let’s face it, no one goes anywhere without their mobile device, so why not extend that to your office environment as well.  These days we are always in and out of meetings, on the road or working from home.  It is easy to forget documents, notes or not have the right data to make decisions.  With the ability to push information and documents to your Apple or Android device, it not only lessens the weight of your laptop bag, but allows you to successfully work away from the office, access a complete customer file during a meeting and make accurate decisions in a timely manner creating efficiencies all around.  So grab your mobile device and start working!

The Cloud – Moving document management solutions to the cloud, either as an option or a primary solution, is becoming the norm. This allows for more mobility while eliminating the need for in-house data centers.  Plus it provides your users with powerful ways to access information securely on any device, anywhere….See going mobile above!

Integration – What if you could use one system to store and manage your information?  The same system could also integrate with different departmental solutions.  All documents and data would be stored in one repository, but accessed enterprise wide through each departmental line of business application.  This would mean increased efficiencies, reduced physical storage and data accuracy.  And on top of that, let’s access it all from our mobile device!