Transactions of Life

I recently moved into my own place. I was 27 when I decided that roommates were no longer needed, and it was time to see if I can do this whole adult thing on my own. Now, after 4 months of living on my own I can say: What took me so long! The freedom of doing what I want when I want. No more waiting in line outside the bathroom because your roommate woke up 15 mins late. No more trying to find something that someone moved while they were cleaning or just decided one day that “That doesn’t go there anymore” and then not tell you or even remember moving it, so now all you know is that a black hole might have opened up and taken it because it was never seen again. But thank you for moving my stuff and putting a small clock there instead. It will let me know how late I am running the next time you sleep through 6 iphone alarms! THANKS EMILY!!!

You might be thinking, “Ok this guy got his own place, had some roommate scars, and Emily sleeps like a rock. What does this have to do with OnBase?” Well, I was just about to get to that. Remember when I was taking about black holes opening and things go missing with out a trace of them ever being there? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a record of where the item was moved, when it was moved, and who moved it? Now imagine if you could do that with all the documents in your database. Well, OnBase already does this, with Transaction Log Reports.

A Transaction for Everything

Transaction Log Reports can help you see the Who, What, Where, When, and How a document was moved/deleted/edited. You might have noticed I left out the Why in that last sentence, unfortunately OnBase cannot track a person’s reasoning, but 4 out of 5 ain’t bad.
Best part about this tool is that is come default with the thick client. No special licensing or extra component needed.
And its not just for documents either. You can view logs for configuration changes, user actions within lifecycles, and much more. It also let us refine the search results. You can place filters such as Date, User group, User Name, and Document Type.
One of the best things about this tool is that you don’t have to dig into the database to get this data. Understanding the tables and what to call and where to call it from can be confusing and this tool make that easy. No need to track down your DB Admin to ask how was it that logged in at 8:37 last night.

Finding the Hidden Gem
Found within the OnBase Thick Client, under the Admin tab, is where this tool is. For a user to Transaction Log Reports they will need Manager or higher level of access.










Once you click on Create report, the main window transaction log reports will show:















Here is where you can set filter to help sharpen your results. Once you have all the settings that you want click “View” and the results will show.











As you can see, you’ll be able to see the Date, Time, User Name, Action, Sub action, and Detail. Giving you a better picture of what might have happened to a document in OnBase. In case a user click on the wrong button and not sure what happened, here will give you a much better idea of what happened.

You Have the Power

Transaction Log Reports give OnBase admins the ability to track a wide amount of actions that are happening inside of OnBase. This useful tool come free with the OnBase thick client and gives an easier way to find out what values are in the database. No need to right out an SQL statement and research what tables hold what to track down documents or see what actions have taken place. While we here at the Kiriworks Customer Support Team are always here to help, the tool gives you the power to locate items or have a better understanding what is happening in your OnBase environment. Best part about this tool is that you can use it whenever you need, no special password or licensing needed. So next time a document has goes missing, no need to worry, Transaction Log Reports will give you a better idea of what happened. You have that power!!!