Top 10 Takeaways from CommunityLIVE’21

My fellow procrastinators, I bring you tidings of great joy:

CommunityLIVE21 on-demand conference content is available
through January 31, 2022!

We’ve got another month to watch (or re-watch) sessions from Hyland Software’s annual user conference. With so many of us riding the latest pandemic wave channel-surfing from our couches, this is a total win-win. By next month’s end, we’ll not only have cleared our DVR caches but soaked up some OnBase knowledge, too.

But, if we’re being honest, as a procrastinator myself who’s channel-surfed through her fair share of 2021, I know there’s nothing left in that cache. You’ve watched and erased it already and you’ve binged through WandaVision, Ted Lasso and Schitt’s Creek (twice.)

We have no more excuses.

Here’s your CommunityLIVE 21 “cheat-sheet”

Good news! These “Cliff’s Notes” from Eric Willis, Kiriworks President and Chief Commercial Officer, and Greg Wheeler, Chief Technology and Information Security Officer, will help you identify the most impactful sessions to watch.  Read on for their insight or watch a recording of the webinar here.

  1. The Hyland Experience Platform is accelerated through acquisition
    While OnBase is certainly not going anywhere, the biggest takeaway is seeing how Hyland is benefitting from the recent acquisitions of Alfresco and Nuxeo. The technology and the new approaches and perspectives have already started to shape the future of Hyland Experience Platform.
  2. Hyland is a cloud-first organization; Time to prepare
    With all signs pointing to the cloud, it’s time to think about what your organization needs to do to prepare for your migration. Moving to the Hyland Identity Provider Server, updating documentation and ODBC connections, finishing in-flight projects and doing a bit of system clean-up now will position you well when you take your solutions to the sky.
  3. OnBase Foundation EP5 is released and ready
    This long-term release features more than 2400 updates and 1300-plus enhancements, with Hyland’s Document Composition, Workflow, OnBase Mobile, AP Invoice Approval App and Folders and File Cabinets modules each gaining new features. Additionally, updates have been made to the Hyland Key Vault, Temporary File Service, OnBase Disk Groups, Unity API and Change Control platforms.
  4. Hyland REST API functionality continues to expand
    As seen in the EP5 Doc Comp and Workflow module enhancements, Hyland continues to increase the complexity and maturity of its REST API methods, first introduced in the EP2 release, to provide improved programmatic access to OnBase.
  5. OnBase integration with Salesforce delivers new value
    Between the ability to import, access and configure OnBase content from within Salesforce, the mobile capabilities and a roadmap of future enhancements – including a document migration utility and the ability to extend secure access to external users through Salesforce Community – the evolving OnBase-Salesforce integration is exciting.
  6. DocuSign isn’t the only kid on the block: Welcome Adobe Sign
    The OnBase integration with Adobe Sign provides fans of the Adobe product with a new option for electronic signatures. With the EP5 release, users can now upload, check status, sign and retrieve OnBase documents directly from the Adobe Sign cloud.
  7. Hyland RPA can make an immediate impact
    Robotic Process Automation offers organizations across every industry a low-code way to automate manual, repetitive tasks. For inspiration, watch the Funeral Directors Life case study to see how it leveraged Hyland RPA to significantly improve its ability to process volume.
  8. Hyland continues to invest in quality with enhanced testing
    All of those upgrades and enhancements require testing, be it functional (i.e., ensuring the software works as it should) or non-functional (i.e., that it complies with policies and regulations.) And, while some of this effort may be automated, each upgrade and/or enhancement represents a significant number of hours.
  9. Customer adoption of managed services has exploded
    Admittedly, Kiriworks is a bit biased here, as we’ve seen our customers benefit from the managed services we’ve been delivering since 2015, but it’s good to see more organizations redirecting their IT resources to more mission-focused work. Off-loading the responsibility of maintaining and supporting OnBase – not to mention recruiting and retaining the right staff – to managed service providers delivers significant value.
  10. Virtual events can be fun, too. Thanks for a great event!
    This year’s event not only delivered the slate of informative sessions that we’ve come to expect from a Hyland conference, but from Magic Boy’s sleight of hand to Great Lakes Brewing’s Hop College, “Yappy Hours” and yoga breaks, it also extended us some fun ways to engage. And, with the added stressors these past two years have brought, the tips to help us disengage when we need to re-focus and recharge were just as valuable.

Truth be told, we learn the most from you, our customers. And, as we bid adieu to 2021, we must confess that we’re really looking forward to being back together, in person, with all of you at CommunityLIVE22, September 11-15, 2022, at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville.

On a personal note, I’m excited for the opportunity to reconnect with the Hyland Community in my new role with Kiriworks. After a few years away, it’s nice to be back in the fold.

Here’s to a 2022 that moves all of us forward.