Say Goodbye to Windows 7

Most desktop/laptop PCs have been upgraded to windows 10 for some time now. The stragglers are often those PC’s running applications with connected devices that aren’t so easy to upgrade because compatibility issues are unknown and companies lack the time or initiative to tackle those potential challenges. Well, the time has come to finally tackle these difficult upgrades because Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7 effective January 14, 2020. Here is some information may help:

Scanner brands/Models that are not Supported on Windows 10.

DR-2050C, DR-2050SP, DR-2080C, DR-3020, DR-3060, DR-3080C, DR-3080CII, DR-4080U, DR-4580U,
DR-5020, DR-5060F, DR-5080C, DR-6080, DR-7080C, DR-7580 & DR-9080C

All fi models that start with a 3 or a 4.
fi-5110C, fi-5120C, fi5220C, fi-5530C, fi-5650C, fi-5750C, fi-5900C

Kodak Alaris
Ngenuity (all), Truper (all), i610/i620/i640/i660, i1405/i1410/i1420/i1440, i810/i820/i830/i840, i1860

KV-S2025C, KV-S2026C, KV-S2028C, KV-S2045C, KV-S2046C, KV-S2048C, KV-S2055L/W, KV-S2065L/W/CL/CW, KV-S6040W, KV-S6045W, KV-S6050W, KV-S6055W, KV-S7065C, KV-SS25/D, KV-SS50EX, KV-SS55EX, KV-S3085, KV-S3105C, KV-SS855/D, KV-SS905C

Keep in mind that not supported doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t work with Windows 10 but it means that the manufacturer has not tested the scanner/drivers for use with Windows 10 and further updates to the scanner drivers will not be made. So, while some of the above scanners many work with Windows 10, you risk being one Windows update away from it not working.

If you use Kofax VRS with your scanner, this is another compatibility/upgrade issue that needs to be addressed. Kofax VRS is only supported on Windows 10 when it is version 5.1 or higher (either Elite or a version provided by the scanner manufacture). If the VRS version you are running came bundled with the scanner, you may not be able to get an upgraded version without purchasing it. For example, until 2014/2015 Fujitsu scanners came bundled with a version of VRS that had an embedded license to only work with Fujitsu scanners. Fujitsu stopped bundling their scanners with VRS and instead started including their PaperStream Driver. If you have an older Fujitsu scanner that came with VRS, you cannot get/download a version of VRS with an embedded license that is supported on Windows 10. You will either need to switch to using the PaperStream driver or purchase a current version of VRS.

There are many upgrading scenario’s where compatibility with drivers, scanning applications, licensing, etc. come into play. Our service team is experienced and efficient at helping you navigate through this process and resolve any upgrade challenges you may encounter. Reach out to Dan Krahn at [email protected] and let us know how we can help!