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Reflections on Content Services in the Cloud

As I sit here in the midst of a global health crisis, listening to the birds outside the window of my home office and James Taylor’s latest album streaming on Spotify – I can’t help but reflect on the impact of technology on our personal and professional lives during this unprecedented time.

When I got started in the enterprise content management industry almost 15 years ago I was focused on getting my Certified Document Imaging Architect (CDIA+) certification from CompTIA – which I learned when writing this post was retired in December 2017. The industry has evolved as the ever growing demands and needs from businesses have changed and we’ve seen the shift from enterprise content management to content services. Part of that evolution, which is more apparent today than ever, is the increased adoption of cloud-based content services platforms. In 2019, Kiriworks witnessed a 47% growth in cloud-based revenue across our customer base including customers in every vertical market.

Our strategic partner, Hyland, has been recognized as a leader for 10 consecutive years in the content services marketplace. As an industry leader, they were at the forefront of the cloud movement and launched the Hyland Cloud in 2004. With 14 data centers across the globe, Hyland has put the infrastructure in place to meet this growing demand from current and new customers. To that end, we have seen both an adoption of the cloud from new customers, but we are starting to see a significant spike in current customers looking to migrate their on-premise deployment of OnBase into the Hyland Cloud.

All of our customers and prospects need to spend this time focusing on their businesses, their employees and their customers. Once the world beats COVID-19, Kiriworks will be here to help organizations achieve their digital transformation goals. The post-pandemic business world will have different priorities and I know organizations will be looking at how to be prepared to handle situations like this in the future and improve their overall agility.

The good news is that our customers have already invested in OnBase, the leading content services solution in the market. The next step is move to OnBase into the cloud to ensure your employees can seamlessly transition from working at the office to working remotely with minimal business impact. To help customers along this journey, Hyland has created two helpful pieces of content:

Beyond the content above, Kiriworks has various tools available to help with your migration plans and provide the guidance required to make this transition. As we all work to battle and then recover from this pandemic, please know that Kiriworks and the Hyland Cloud are here to help.