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NEWS CLIP: State Agency Expands OnBase To Maximize Latest Automation Technology

Kiriworks, Inc. has partnered with a large state agency to extend their enterprise information platform and leverage some of the latest technology from Hyland Software. By expanding their current OnBase solution to include Policy & Procedure Management, Open Records Case Management, high volume case file scanning and Records Management, they have streamlined not only the capture of documents and data but also the distribution/management of HR policies as well as tracking, monitoring and management of business cases.

Brent Kubik, Kiriworks Senior Account Executive has worked with the state for many years. “The expansion of their existing OnBase system is just another step in the business process strategy that we’ve collaborated on for years. We started with the initial OnBase implementation and have been able to build on that and expand into additional departments with new tools and modules to continue to streamline and increase process efficiency at a pace that parallels their growth, demand and FOIA requests. This expansion will save them hours of staff resources and increase their visibility into the process, enabling them to better manage each case or policy and respond faster.”

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