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Member Communication: Less Is Not More.

There is no way to sugar coat it – Medicare Advantage plans are not meeting their customer satisfaction goals. Surveys prove it, with satisfaction having dropped from 2017 to 2018. One of the main drivers for the discouraging results is a lack of communication. Health plans are not leveraging communication strategies to engage members even though it’s the most effective way to create strong, loyal relationships.

Take a moment to think about how you communicate with your most important connections, your friends and family. We use phone, text, internet, social media, blogs and emails. All these touch points can be accessed from a mobile device. Today, mobile devices have become an essential tool for everyone from kids to businessmen to senior citizens. Take a guess at how many mobile devices you think we have in the world right now? Try 7.2 billion mobile devices around the globe. These days it’s rare to run into someone who does not have a mobile device. They have become a crucial part of our work, leisure, pleasure, relations and education.

Since nearly everyone has 24/7 access to communication tools, why are plans so far behind the curve in their communication efforts? On average, members only receive one piece of communication from their plan during an entire calendar year. Imagine the relationship you’d have with your mom or your best friend if you only reached out to them once a year! The infrequent communication and lack of outreach from plans can result in very frustrated, alienated members! This is an unnecessary business challenge with a very simple solution!

There are a variety of tools and technology platforms that can help payers tailor their member outreach strategies to provide quick, efficient and effective support to their beneficiaries. These tools not only provide a method to improve and automate communication, but also create an opportunity to target and market to new plan members. With these same outreach methods, plans can take their communication strategies a step further and encourage more collaboration between providers and improve communication with their Network.

All around, better communication plans result in happier and more informed members and providers. Understanding how your members prefer to communicate, the methods for reaching out to your network are almost limitless. Whether its email, phone calls, twitter, facebook or a blog post, extend your reach, stay connected and keep your network informed!