Communication is the Key to Success

Life Lessons from Mr. Bob Fortner

As seen in this video, we don’t always successfully communicate when working together. The primary reason this occurs can be associated with poor communication. Either one party didn’t fully under the other, someone wasn’t listening or incorrect assumption were made (as is the case in our video).

The video above is somewhat humorous since it doesn’t affect us directly, but a project gone wrong wastes everyone’s limited resources. To most of us this is nothing new, but yet it continues to happen whenever requirements and expectations are not understood or realized.

There are some key areas to pay special attention to that will help everyone achieve the project results desired.

  • Spend the time required to gather complete and agreed upon requirements.
  • Relay requirements to all team members.
  • Use milestones and periodically check that your progress is on track.
  • Communicate positives as well as issues along the way to help minimize risks and surprises.
  • Celebrate the successful outcome of your project!

Obviously, there are many more factors involved in successful OnBase and Kofax projects, but accurate & on-going communication is the key. Don’t push your car (or project) off a cliff unless you’re sure that is what is desired by all!