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Avoiding Human Resources Nightmares

Compiling, managing and tracking employee documents can be a nightmare. With mandates governing everything from age and disability discrimination to FMLA and OSHA, compliance is difficult and time-consuming, especially if you rely on paper and spreadsheets to keep track of it.

What is your worse HR nightmare? Could it be that you can’t find or hire the right people? Or maybe you sent the wrong offer letter to a candidate? Did your HR intern leave a stack of employee files in the cafeteria? Or do you simply dread start dates because of all the paperwork? Whatever your nightmare might be, there is a way to finally put them to bed for good

Last Night’s Nightmare – you are falling and all your employee records are coming with you… nothing is in order and you don’t know how you are going to ever put the files back together… BAM! You’re awakened in a panic and not sure if you filed the new hires paperwork correctly or what else still needs filled out. No sweat!

With an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, each employee has their own virtual folder. As HR captures employee documents, they’re automatically filed into the appropriate electronic employee folder and the system tracks any documents missing from the folder. Running a report across all folders gives a quick view into what documents are missing across the employee base. Once employee files are complete, retention plans can be applied and your organization can sleep well knowing you are compliant.

Employee files are now secure and readily accessible to your HR staff. No more running to offsite storage or searching through file cabinets to find an incomplete record. Your staff can start focusing on other tasks like hiring the best people and creating an environment that really boosts employee morale.

So even if your nightmares come back and you find yourself walking up the stairs and a heel breaks… and down you go – Now the staircase looks like a beautiful snow storm as the paper files fall to the ground. You can smile and know this is just a dream, because all your files are safely stored in your ECM system.