Henry Ford quote "if I asked people what they wanted they would have said faster horses"

Are You Asking For A Faster Horse?

We all know the adage…you don’t know what you don’t know. Time and time again while working in the world of enterprise information software I see this first hand. We speak with managers and executives that don’t even realize how far enterprise information platforms have come or just how impactful they can be to your business process. To often we hike to work and go through the motions never putting much thought into HOW we do things or if it’s the most effective way to do it. Every organization is looking to cut costs and improve productivity but too often shrug off digital transformation because they are intimidated by the initial costs without evaluating the longer term savings.

As an Enterprise Information Platform system provider and integrator our goal is to help you do your job faster, more efficiently, more accurately and for less cost. Yes, we are in the business of selling but our larger objective is to take a look at your business process, whether in accounts payable, accounts receivable, human resources, operations or just about any other department in your organization and make it stronger. All too often we hear – “I already have a document repository”, “our process is working fine as it is” or “we built our own system”. If things really are working fine and you’ve evaluated your options then you already know:

  • How much does it cost to process a single invoice? (industry average is 8.8 days, with ECM it’s 4 hours!)
  • How much time do your HR professionals spend onboarding new employees and obtaining sign off on policy & procedures? (average cost per hire is $4,000!)
  • Have you paid fines for compliance shortfalls or failing to meet compliance deadlines?
  • How much money did you sacrifice in 2017 by not capturing early payment discounts?
  • Does your management team have immediate visibility into the status of every case, account, complaint, document or claim?
  • How many manual data mistakes resulted in lost profits in 2017? (Common business concept: $1-$10-$100 rule)
  • How much money was spent on paper, printers, ink and document storage last year?

If you don’t know the answer to these types of questions about your business process then you probably haven’t fairly evaluated what digital transformation can do for your organization. You might be shocked to find out how much these issues can be costing your department and your company.

Set aside some time to truly evaluate the efficiency of your tools and process. If you already have, are you asking for a faster horse instead of car or are you pursuing the most advanced innovations to improve your business? Don’t think you have the budget for an enterprise system? You’d be surprised how cost-effective a solution can be when you start with a single department implementation. When you consider the ROI opportunities and are confident that you’ve invested in the right tool for ease of integration the additional savings you’ll experience when you expand into other departments within your organization will continue to add up.

We understand that taking the time to evaluate your process can be a significant commitment for you and your team on top of your other responsibilities, but if saving time & money is a goal in the coming year than it will be worth it. We also understand that you might not KNOW all the information we’re asking for and that’s why we work through a discovery process with you to gain as much information as possible before we start this journey. The true end game is to craft the most innovative solution that will not only maximize your investment and solve your process challenges but also improve customer service and/or member retention. Together we can improve the efficiency of your process, provide greater access to information, improve service, reduce manual errors while saving your department or organization time and money. Stop asking for a faster horse and start your journey to digital transformation.