Letter tiles on a desk spelling out software update, hardware upgrade

7 Reasons to Keep Your ECM Solution Upgraded

You’re out of date ECM solution is kind of like that old car you’re still driving. It still runs, but it is lacking features, parts, etc. Like “Old Bessie” you need to consider a system upgrade for most – if not all of the following reasons.

  1. The latest version is not typically a “dot zero” release | Think of it as the nth release of the xth generation of your software. With products like OnBase, Hyland Software continues to add features to an existing code base and extend the functionality of the product. Over the past 20 years, Hyland Software has put a combined estimate of 2,000 years of work hours into the OnBase product – which includes over 3,100 enhancements made in OnBase 12.
  2. Avoid extended support | Retired versions are typically subject to Extended Support and require an additional software maintenance fee. More importantly, you won’t benefit from software fixes and enhancements on retired versions. Very often the cost of an upgrade project is recouped in 1 to 2 years vs. paying extended support fees.
  3. Support for latest OS and system software releases | Newer versions of your ECM solution have the advantage of working with the latest releases of Windows, Office, databases, etc. You’re also better positions to keep in sync with newer versions of applications that you integrate with. A great example is that in the latest release of OnBase it is now compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2012.
  4. Better quality software | The number of software support calls for a newer version will typically decrease by as much as 50%. The number software change requests for product defects will also decrease significantly. Newer software versions receive the most attention and testing before release. This is evident in the release of OnBase 12, which results in more than 35,000 hours of regression testing.
  5. Faster resolution for errors | Developers are working with and most familiar with the latest version of the software. This results in less ramp-up time to find and resolve errors in the latest version.
  6. Take advantage of new & enhanced modules | Each release provides new functionality and many enhancements. Make sure to check out some of the recent enhancements made to OnBase 12.
  7. Training is provided on the latest version | When you attend training in person, online or ondemand – you will be interacting with the latest release of the software. Over time it becomes more difficult to find training for older versions.

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