Understand the Benefits of RPA & IA

As organizations continue to evolve and grow, most are looking to streamline their processes and optimize workflows to ensure business continuity, productivity and reduced costs. With intelligent automation (IA), organizations like yours can leverage tools that employ built-in logic, intelligent routing and machine learning to serve users the right information at the exact right moment.

By leveraging innovative technology capabilities that anticipate the needs of users and customers, IA empowers your employees to focus on high-value tasks to develop more meaningful, relevant connections with the people they serve. The concept isn’t new, yet many organizations still have the opportunity to more fully understand the capabilities of intelligent automation and identify how the technology can work best for them. Enter Hyland RPA.

As your organization continues to evolve its digital transformation journey, robotic process automation (RPA) can enhance your intelligent automation capabilities and extend the business value of your applications. But if you’re not sure where to get started, the following resources will help guide you on learning more about RPA, its benefits, how to best leverage the technology and finding the perfect entry point for your organization.

Quick Study: IA

Reference this quick refresher to brush up on some key terms, stats and tools associated with intelligent automation (IA). Learn the basic components of IA and why they matter for your organization.

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AI & Data Capture

Kiriworks has long been on the leading edge of intelligent capture, a subset of intelligent automation. While automated data capture technology already increases workplace efficiency and decreases business costs, find out how intelligent capture takes it to a whole new level.

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IA Task Matrix

Determine which areas within your organization can benefit from robotic process automation and intelligent automation with this intelligent automation matrix. Align tasks by value and discover complementary automation technologies for more effective implementation as part of a holistic RPA strategy.

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RPA Checklist

The number of organizations turning to process automation is increasing exponentially. If your organization is just beginning its RPA journey, open the door to process automation find the perfect entry point by using this checklist of processes and tasks to target.

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IT Asset Management

Large portions of the workforce continue to work from home which means organizations must manage the IT resources of remote employees. RPA can help with the coordination and tracking of those hardware assets, providing employees access to information they need to do their work efficiently from any location.

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Hyland RPA

Get to know Hyland RPA, a comprehensive RPA suite with everything your organization needs to realize the full potential of RPA technology from process analysis to bot management. As part of a robust content services platform, Hyland RPA takes the benefits of RPA and expands them to meet your organization’s needs.

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