The 10-Year Challenge
March 11, 2019

New Innovations: Provider Outreach

The software industry today is a diverse and dynamic industry with products readily available to meet just about every business need imaginable.  But what do you do when you need a product that can send thousands of surveys, attestations, or general outreach to your providers?  What options are you using when you need the data to be returned to your system so that it can be analyzed and even linked back to each unique provider?  Survey Monkey is generally the solution used by health plans when they need to accomplish this type of work, however, is it really the right option?

After extensive research and development Kiriworks is proud to bring Provider Outreach to the market to accomplish just that.  Provider Outreach is built within OnBase on what we call our Provider Platform, which was designed to integrate all our Provider based products to have one location to view all interactions with each provider.  The Provider Outreach product utilizes OnBase WorkView as the case management system to track all communications sent out to providers, available surveys within the system, and requesting new surveys to be created.  OnBase Workflow is then used to generate the emails, receive the completed surveys, and monitor surveys that are nearing the due date or past the due date so that providers can receive a follow up reminder.

The best part is that all of this happens within OnBase and there is no need to use other software to create the surveys.  With the use of Unity Forms and Image Forms all the outreach is created directly in OnBase without the need to involve your OnBase Systems Administrator.  A built-in approval process and form template guides the business analyst through the process of creating the forms. They are then approved or returned for updates before being sent out to the providers, which is great for quality control.  Forms can be re-used to send out the same survey multiple times and scheduled in advance.

To complete the product Reporting Dashboards gives you a full view of the progress for all active surveys where you can even drill down in the data to identify trends in the timeliness of providers completing the surveys.  The dashboards also provide the responses for each completed survey, so the data can be analyzed for future process improvement.

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