Pressure to control healthcare costs while continuing to enhance the patient experience are messages that remain constant within the Healthcare Industry. Integrating a single Enterprise Information Platform with your existing EMR system will enable you to manage unstructured data, increase process transparency, provide greater accessibility to patient information and elevate the overall patient care provided by your health system


PaperFree Pharmacy

PaperFree Pharmacy is a cutting edge software solution designed specifically for closed door and specialty pharmacies to help reduce costs, improve customer service, increase productivity and streamline the comprehensive business processes that are costing you precious time and money. We understand the challenges, and PaperFree Pharmacy enables pharmacies to gain a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace and reap the benefits of that investment now and into the future.


Hospitals are striving to provide excellent patient care while reducing costs during a volatile time within the healthcare industry. Patient safety, compliance requirements, revenue demands and increased need for efficiency are placing more stress on hospital executives and administrations. OnBase is an enterprise information management solution that scales to all areas of the healthcare organization from data capture to archival of records. Let's talk about how we can work together to meet your clinical and business department needs.

Health Information Management

Eliminate the silos that impact patient care and reduce efficiency between departments. The level of your HIM directly affects the quality of patient care at every touch point of the healthcare delivery cycle. Ensuring that your patients health information and records are complete, accurate and private is imperative to proving the best patient experience possible.

Healthcare Integrations

Your enterprise information platform is only as good as it's integration with your other software systems. OnBase customers have integrated ECM into more than 500 unique applications without custom coding. With more than 30 different options for integration, we haven't met a Healthcare application we couldn't play nice with. Talk with us about your existing applications and how an OnBase integration will increase efficiency and reduce risk of manual entry errors.

What are your patients saying about your level of care?


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