Governments at the state, county and city levels are all struggling with the same thing - how to provide better constituent service, expand social services and stimulate economic recovery while cutting costs and managing increased workloads. That is why agencies are turning to Kiriworks to develop solutions that eliminate paper and the tasks that paper creates. Using capture technology from Kofax and the enterprise content management (ECM) solution, OnBase, organizations are deploying solutions that support transparency, self-service, mobile and field work along with the needs of government into the next generation.


Finance & Administration

Do more with less by connecting documents to data in your ERP, land records or human resources systems. By linking documents and data, your end users have everything they need to make decisions and solve problems just a mouse-click away. Meet records requests quickly and expedite tasks like agenda management, invoice processing and property valuation appeals.

Health & Human Services

Health & Human Services agencies make the difference in their constituent's lives. Start small by capturing documents and connecting the content to your case management system - speeding up processes like eligibility determination, re-certification and client intake.

Justice & Law Enforcement

Collaboration allows all members of the justice community to safely and securely connect law enforcement and investigation, prosecutorial and adjudication branches and even pass electronic documents for use by corrections and probation departments creating a seamless and efficient trail of electronic documents.

Public Works

Even with GIS maps or asset management systems in place, field staff still doesn't have everything they need. Taking the next step is connecting documents, photos, videos, audio and historic information to those core systems. Integrations with Esri, Cityworks and Accela make this possible.

Government Leaders on Paper Reduction


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