Accounts Payable


The cost of processing a paper invoice grows ever year. Despite the efficiencies organizations gain from their ERP or accounting system, the Accounts Payable (AP) process is still document-driven and prone to error. Enterprise content management (ECM) solutions for AP from Kiriworks bring together your data and documents to streamline processes and improve your cash flow.


Advanced Invoice Capture

Spending hours each day keying line-item information from invoices into your ERP or accounting system? Advanced Capture solutions from Kiriworks automatically classify vendor invoices and extract line-item detail - ready for delivery to your business systems.

ERP Integration

Lack of ERP and accounting system integration adds time to AP cycles, leads to duplicate data entry and increases the risk of errors. The enterprise content management (ECM) platform, OnBase easily integrates with the systems your organization has already invested in - connecting them together - bringing invoices and supporting documents a single-click away.

Invoice Processing

ERP systems are designed to handle traditional transactions, but what about when exceptions occur? The key is to augment - not replace - the workflow of your current ERP system. One of the steps that slows down the payment cycle is approvals. OnBase Mobile enables AP departments to extend invoice approval to smart phones and tablets - "Sorry, I was out of the office" is no longer an excuse.

Procurement Processing

All the paperwork surrounding the procurement process reduces your team's effectiveness. Kiriworks solution for procurement processing routes electronic P.O. requests automatically through review, evaluation and fulfillment. All documents related to a procurement project are connected together and retrieved with a single mouse-click.

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