Streamline Provider Contracting

Kiriworks Network Development & Contracting is designed to create a collaborative approach to the contracting process. With integrated workflow automation and digital content management, Kiriworks Network Development & Contracting automates and tracks the process from recruitment to contract execution, creating an all-around efficient and productive operation.​

​Healthcare payers require tools to enable collaboration and ensure transparency within their process. Our focus is to provide more visibility into your process and create an automated approach to your contracting needs.​



  • Prioritize Gaps in Network

    Recruit new providers as business expands and new members enroll and fill the gaps to maintain adequacy requirements. 

  • Avoid Delays

    Notifications and tasks keep the process on track and alerts team members when they have actionable items.

  • Departmental Collaboration

    Eliminate communication challenges by allowing multiple departments to work on the same contract.

  • Process Visibility

    A complete view across contracts and amendments to avoid bottlenecks and make better decisions​.

  • Real Time Monitoring

    A holistic view into contracts expiring and automatically send notifications of approaching due dates.

  • Maintain Member Satisfaction

    Ensure members have the correct access to care by contracting providers that create a healthy Network.

“With OnBase, we can leverage our existing system as it is easy to customize and continues to fit the needs of our business. Every piece we build is like a Lego block that you can build on top of, and it can be used in other workflows and Unity Forms.”
Senior Director of Analytics, Magellan Health