Healthcare Institutions are continually driving to provide exceptional patient care and create an overall positive patient experience.  But barriers such as tight budgets, new mandates, limited resources and inefficient processes are continually thrown into the path of progress and limit your ability to achieve those goals. Kiriworks healthcare solutions break down those barriers so you can see and access patient information, streamline the process from admittance to discharge and ultimately save valuable time and money. Integrating a single Enterprise Information Platform with your existing EMR system will result in easier to manage unstructured data, increase process transparency, provide greater accessibility to patient information and elevate the overall patient experience.



Hospitals number one priority is patients – and delivering the best care and experience possible. In order to be successful, healthcare executive, doctors, nurses must have access to the right information at the right time. Patient information, test results, diagnosis and other critical care data needs to be organized and searchable but also secure. OnBase scales to all areas of the organization, enabling your team to work together to meet clinical and department demands, maintain patient confidentiality and respect compliance regulations.

Health information management

Health Information Management

Professional and departmental silos impact patient care and reduce efficiency between departments. OnBase improves clinical visibility and drives a more connected-care experience for professionals and patients. Ensuring that your patients health information and records are complete, accurate and private is imperative to proving the best care possible. Optimize clinical workflows, improve communication and meet compliance objectives with OnBase.

Healthcare integrations

Healthcare Integrations

Your enterprise information platform is only as good as it's integration with your other software systems. OnBase customers have integrated into more than 500 unique EMR applications without custom coding. With more than 30 different options for integration, we haven't met a Healthcare application we couldn't play nice with. Talk with us about your existing applications and how an OnBase integration will increase efficiency and reduce risk of manual entry errors.