Human Resources

Today human resources (HR) professionals are swimming in paper trying to recruit the best talent and protect the company’s biggest asset. From recruitment, to onboarding and performance appraisals there are documents in every step of the process. At¬†Kiriworks, we partner with organizations to simplify daily tasks by providing HR staff with immediate access to information and documents – whenever and wherever they need it. Whether it’s integrating with your HRIS / HCM or sharing documents through an employee self-service portal – we have a solution that will meet your compliance objectives.

Employee file management

Employee File Management

Organizations struggle with how to consistently manage employee records across the enterprise while maintaining compliance. Simplify the struggle with employee files that are automatically created and documents systematically filed in an organized, uniform structure. Access that file directly from your HRIS or HCM with the confidence of knowing that every document is current, in the correct location and accessible. Complete visibility into employee files is possible with Human Resources solutions from Kiriworks. Our goal is create a streamlined, efficient HR department that enables you to maximize your time and focus on the things that really matter - employees.

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New employee onboarding

New Employee Onboarding

Make the right first impression with new hires by ensuring your organization is prepared and ready for their first day on the job. Onboarding a new employee takes collaboration from multiple departments across the organization - payroll, benefits, facilities, security and IT. From desk location to computer setup to insurance paperwork you're tasked with managing and organizing all elements related to the start of that new team member. With OnBase, you can automatically assign tasks, track status and follow up as necessary. The result is improved visibility, increased accountability and most importantly showing that new hire that your organization is prepared for them to focus on their job - not paperwork.

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Policy and procedure administration

Policy & Procedures Administration

Need sign-off that a new employee read through the department procedures? Do you know how many of the 2,500 employees signed and acknowledged the new handbook? Managing compliance around policies and procedures can be a nightmare process for HR professionals but it doesn't have to be. Don't rely on spreadsheets or e-mail - utilize OnBase. With the OnBase content services platform you can automatically send out the most up-to-date policies and procedures to the right people and track the response. An e-mail alerts employees there are new documents to view and reminders help make sure employees hit deadlines without managers or HR having to follow-up. Simplifying the process frees up your time to focus on higher value projects and employee relations.

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Talent recruitment

Talent Recruitment

How many applications and resumes does your HR department receive each day - 10, 100, 1,000? Do you spend hours sifting through all of that paperwork trying to identify the best candidates and keep all of the information organized? Simplify the recruitment process by capturing and linking applicant information in a single place. Our Kiriworks HR solution enables you to electronically route applicant materials to hiring managers and creates transparency into the entire hiring process for those team members that need to have access. Meeting your talent acquisition goals has never been easier.

“We have 30 to 40 policies that must be reviewed by employees every year so automated policy tracking with OnBase greatly improves our ability to get the information to our employees.”
Jodi Johnson, VP of Risk & Audit, WaterStone Bank