Accounts Payable

New research from Sterling Commerce estimates the average cost of manually processing a single invoice can be anywhere from $12 to $30, but companies with a more extensive process can pay upwards of $40 per invoice. Despite the efficiencies gained from an ERP or accounting system, the Accounts Payable (AP) process is still very manual, document-driven and prone to error. A content services solutions for AP can bring together your data and documents to streamline processes and improve your cash flow. While automating AP processes has been shown to drastically reduce processing time, eliminate errors and save thousands of dollars, 90% of invoices are still processed manually. It’s time to talk to Kiriworks about a solution that will improve visibility and increase efficiency.

Advanced invoice capturing accounts payable

Advanced Invoice Capture

One of the fastest areas to recognize savings and increase efficiency is at the beginning of the invoice process. Stop wasting valuable resources on keying line-item information from invoices into your ERP or accounting system. Utilize those resources towards higher value projects and implement an advanced capture solutions from Kiriworks. Our solutions automatically classify vendor invoices and extract line-item detail getting that information into your system faster and more accurately.

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ERP integration accounts payable

ERP Integration

Most organizations require multiple software platforms to get the job done. The ability for those systems to work effortlessly together is essential to building an efficient, dependable process. Lack of ERP and accounting system integration adds time to AP cycles, leads to duplicate data entry and increases the risk of errors. The content services platform, OnBase, easily integrates with the systems your organization has already invested in and seamlessly connects them together - bringing invoices and supporting documents a single-click away.

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Invoice processing

Invoice Processing

ERP systems are well designed to handle traditional transactions, but what about when exceptions occur? The key to finding a viable solution is identifying one that will augment - not replace - the workflow of your current ERP system. OnBase for invoice processing expedites the entire process, enabling you to see the process end-to-end, identify bottleneck and gain valuable insight into staff workloads. Whether in the office, or out of the office with OnBase Mobile your AP department can extend invoice approval beyond the desk and out to smart phones and tablets - "Sorry, I was out of the office" is no longer a cause for delay.

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Procurement Processing

How many people in your organization touch the procurement process? Does it cost more to process the request to purchase something than the actual cost of the item being procured? All the paperwork surrounding the procurement process reduces your team's effectiveness and costs your organization money. Kiriworks solution for procurement processing routes electronic PO requests automatically through review, evaluation and fulfillment. If there are bottlenecks, you'll know and be able to quickly address them. All documents related to a procurement project are connected together and retrieved with a single mouse-click, keeping all the necessary information available and accessible to you and your team.

“With Brainware, we can capture an invoice in one location in the morning and cut a check from our head office that afternoon. That was never possible with a desk-to-desk process.”
Ben Adams, Director of Business Process, Bentall Kennedy