Support Tiers


We view the support of your system as a partnership between your staff and our Customer Care Team. We’re here to help. The Kiriworks support tiers were developed with the goal of providing multiple options to meet your organizational needs. We offer three different levels of support based on the level of interaction you’d like the Customer Care Team to have with your team and your solution. Our tiered system is designed to let you designate how much, or how little, you'd like our team to be involved.


Standard Support

Standard Support is a pay-as-you-go support option included as part of your annual maintenance. Unlimited email support is included free of charge, and we will respond to your issues within 24 business hours, although our goal is to reply immediately whenever possible. Phone support, as well as any remote sessions into your system, are billed at your professional services rate. We will coordinate and schedule periodic health checks of your system with your team, to discuss current issues as well as check your system for best practices or any red flags.

Premium Support

Everything from Standard Support above, but better. Premium support allows your team to call without charge during business hours and gets you a 4-hour response time on email inquiries. More contact with the Customer Care Team means your team will learn new things faster, mastering new topics and getting answers as quickly as possible. This is the perfect choice for clients that are looking to maximize the investment in their system, as it is a predictable expense. It also provides quarterly training on topics that you can apply directly to your system, as well as webinars created and presented by the team.

Managed Services

Managed Services isn’t just Premium Support+. Managed Services means that Kiriworks becomes your System Administrator. This support option is perfect for clients looking to avoid the hassle of learning, monitoring and maintaining their systems. We’ve seen hundreds of solutions and have extensive training in the best ways to monitor and manage them. This full-service option frees up your staff from training and management obligations and puts the health of the system directly in the hands of experts.