Managed Services


Managed Services is perfect for clients looking to avoid the hassle of learning, monitoring and maintaining their systems. Allow Kiriworks to be the System Administrator for your OnBase or Kofax system. We’ve seen hundreds of solutions and have extensive training in the best methods and strategies to monitor and manage them. This full-service option frees up your staff from training and management obligations and puts the health of the system directly in the hands of experts.


System Ownership

Kiriworks takes ownership of the health of your solution under our Managed Services option. That includes support requests being initiated by any user, proactive monitoring through daily error log reviews, verification reports and monitoring of exception queues. Save time, energy and attention by letting your system be managed by a team of professionals with years of industry experience.

Regular Health Checks

Our team provides quarterly scheduled reviews where we compare your system to vendor and industry best-practices for scalability, performance and reliability. This ensures your system is running in top form and enables us to address any areas that need attention - before they become challenges.

Expanded Support

We know that your System Administrators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year - and so is your Managed Services team from Kiriworks. The expanded support with Managed Services provides 1-hour email response time, unlimited phone support and all-access after hours support.


Not every system is designed and deployed using out-of-the-box, point-and-click configuration. Some systems still require custom development. These scripts, custom modules, libraries - basically anything with source code that's not configured out-of-the-box is handled by your Managed Services team at Kiriworks.