Kiriworks team receiving an award from Hyland Software, Platinum and Diamond honors

Hyland Awards Kiriworks, Inc. with Platinum and Diamond Honors

Kiriworks proudly accepts distinguished honors from Hyland for excellence in the delivery and support of business solutions utilizing the OnBase platform. Leading enterprise content services system integrator Kiriworks, Inc. concluded a strong year by accepting Platinum and Diamond Support honors…

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New CMS Guidance

As part of an initiative to streamline the Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug appeals and grievance processes, CMS has consolidated Chapter 13 of the Medicare Managed Care Manual and Chapter 18 of the Prescription Drug Benefit Manual into one comprehensive…

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Your Best Teacher Is Your Last Mistake

5…4…3… 2…1 🚀, it’s time to move forward and discover the power of you! This is the message behind the 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins. It’s a cool, powerful self-help concept I was introduced to while listening to Mel…

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