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Say Goodbye to Windows 7

Most desktop/laptop PCs have been upgraded to windows 10 for some time now. The stragglers are often those PC’s running applications with connected devices that aren’t so easy to upgrade because compatibility issues are unknown and companies lack the time…

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Stethoscope sitting on a desk next to a keyboard

New Innovations: Provider Outreach

The software industry today is a diverse and dynamic industry with products readily available to meet just about every business need imaginable.  But what do you do when you need a product that can send thousands of surveys, attestations, or…

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Old telephone, camera, notebook and pen on desk. New laptop, smart phone, tablet, and camera on desk.

The 10-Year Challenge

The most recent social media trend has been the 10-year challenge, when an individual posts a picture on a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter, and compares a picture of themselves from 2009 to 2019. Which typically sparks a…

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