New CMS Guidance

  As part of an initiative to streamline the Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug appeals and grievance processes, CMS has consolidated Chapter 13 of the Medicare Managed Care Manual and Chapter 18 of the Prescription Drug Benefit Manual into one comprehensive guidance document. They are doing this to better align and provider a more defined, straightforward and non-repetitive understanding of […]

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Your Best Teacher Is Your Last Mistake

5…4…3… 2…1 🚀, it’s time to move forward and discover the power of you! This is the message behind the 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins. It’s a cool, powerful self-help concept I was introduced to while listening to Mel speak recently at Hyland Software’s CommunityLive event in Nashville, TN. Embracing that concept I say 5…4…3… 2…1 it’s time to […]

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How Painful is Your Contracting Process?

Does your contracting process take forever? Can it take weeks, even months to bring a contract from creation, through negotiation and finally to execution? What causes the bottlenecks and how can they be fixed? First, let’s identify some common hurdles within the contracting process. Once identified, we can implement a contracting management solution to address those issues and reduce contracting […]

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Why CommunityLIVE 2018? So Much More Than Just A Conference…

It was over ten years ago when Hyland took over Nashville and I last took the general session stage at CommunityLIVE (at that time called the OnBase Training & Technology Conference). For those that don’t know my background, I started my career in Content Services at Hyland as a Product Evangelist. This year will be my 12th CommunityLIVE. Now, I […]

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August 31, 2017

Kiriworks Pitching In To Help Hurricane Relief Efforts

The Kiriworks team took to the stores today to purchase much needed items for the Hurricane Harvey Relief Donation Supply Drive hosted by the JJ Watt Foundation. Displaced residents and relief agencies are in dire need of non-perishable food items along with diapers, formula, clothing and other essentials.  Many families affected by the hurricane and flooding have lost everything and […]
September 2, 2016

Is Your ECM System an Off-The-Rack or Tailored Fit?

I may not be the most fashionable person, but even I know the difference between something off-the-rack functional that fits like a brown paper bag, and something tailored specifically to fit your measurements. Comparably, software can be crafted the same way. Picture your favorite shirt. You know the one. It’s worn in and comfortable and you can usually be found […]
May 8, 2016

Reduce, Reuse, Refactor

Code simplicity and forethought for reuse. It requires more effort up front, but boy does it ever pay off in the long run! It’s the easiest way to simplify and maintain solutions and along with clever refactoring, is the easiest way to understand the code and make changes or add additional functionality in the future. I’ve been a personal witness […]
February 25, 2016

The Kama Sutra, Target Corporation and your OnBase System

Have you shopped at a Target store during the last holiday season? Have you called or e-mailed your Valentine  lately? Have you seen a doctor during this especially nasty flu season? If you’ve been involved in any of these activities or a myriad of other activities where you imparted some of your most sensitive personal data (financial, personal or health […]