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Return To Sender…

Tis’ the season for Christmas cards! We take family photos, pick out a festive layout, print them out and prep for mailing. Seems pretty painless, right? Think again. If you are like me you have addresses stored in a spreadsheet that haven’t been updated in years. It makes sense to update it when you receive new mail from a friend […]

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Are You Asking For A Faster Horse?

We all know the adage…you don’t know what you don’t know. Time and time again while working in the world of enterprise information software I see this first hand. We speak with managers and executives that don’t even realize how far enterprise information platforms have come or just how impactful they can be to your business process. To often we […]

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PAIN…a sign that change is near.

What is pain? Pain is physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury. Pain motivates you to withdraw from damaging situations, to protect your body and to avoid similar experiences in the future. How many times do we have pain but ignore it? I know I have. I was running a 5K and BAM about half way through I […]

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Balance is the key to life.

We hear it all the time…everyone is striving to achieve work life balance. But what does that really mean? Finding time for yourself? Making your personal life easier? More convenient? Spending more time with family? Creating more time for hobbies or friends? It can be all of those things and more. When you really think about “life”, we have access […]

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November 4, 2016

Ford, Chevy…and OnBase?

Maintenance… Whether you love it or hate it, you have to do it. Change your oil, check your fluids, check your brakes, check your tire pressure and tread… If you are like me, these are all things you have heard from either your Dad, a friend, or a mechanic (I am lucky enough to have a brother that happens to […]
July 21, 2016

Can’t We Automate That?

There is a very good chance you cannot go an entire day without hearing about automation. Perhaps it’s the commercial that shows someone turning off their TV, turning a faucet off, and locking the doors to their house all at once via their smart phone. Maybe you have read about Google’s autonomous cars, or see entire manufacturing operations run by […]