Inspired New Name

Security MicroImaging is now Kiriworks. We are a revolutionary OnBase and Kofax systems integrator, providing advanced process optimization solutions that take business to the next level.

Read more about Kiriworks from an open letter from Kiriworks President, Bill Buerger.

Appeals & grievances: 3 tips for the daily triathlon
Empower 2015

Empower 2015 is the new Kiriworks OnBase user event, designed to provide our customers with the tools and skills to take full advantage of their OnBase system. Join us for this free, 1-day event to empower yourself and your OnBase career.

Check out the Empower 2015 agenda.

Appeals & grievances: 3 tips for the daily triathlon
OnBase Contract Management

Take control of your contract management process with OnBase Contract Management. Click here to learn how your organization can manage contract lifecycles, from automation to knowledge-driven tasks. Bring visibility to your contract management process with real-time reporting and management dashboards.

Appeals & grievances: 3 tips for the daily triathlon
2014 AP Automation Study

The accounts payable profession is becoming more aware of automation options and what they can mean for cash management.

Download this study from the Institute of Financial Operations to learn which technologies are seeing the highest adoption rates.

Appeals & grievances: 3 tips for the daily triathlon

Brilliant technology. Inspired new name.

Kiriworks is a leading provider of process management solutions and services that optimize and transform today’s business. Unlike traditional ECM providers, Kiriworks leverages industry-specific expertise to build quickly deployable, industry-specific solutions that accelerate the time to realized value.

For over 45 years, Kiriworks has increased user productivity, reduced operating costs and improved the customer experience for organizations in the insurance, healthcare, government and manufacturing industries. Read more about the story behind Kiriworks and meet our executive team.

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Wondering What OnBase Can Do For You?

Information can be vast. overwhelming. unorganized. In this brochure you will discover exactly what OnBase can do for you from the moment information comes into your organization until it expires. Capture. Process. Access. Integrate. Measure. Store. Six components enabling you to reduce costs, improve customer service and be more efficient.

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Understanding ECM

Still trying to wrap your arms around what enterprise content management is and how your company can benefit from it? Our friends at Hyland Software put together a great little guide to get you started.